The Konsumzentrale is a dynamic place that is ready to evolve to meet your needs.

13,000 m² refurbished. 20,000 m² newly built.
For offices, retail, production. Green.
Close to the centre.
As pioneers of the future, we are rethinking our workspace.


The Konsumzentrale will transform into a new world of work in the coming years. MIB property management will modernise and revitalise this significant monument, incorporating a new building to create over 20,000 m2 of new commercial space with stunning architecture. Join us and grow your business!


Gather outdoors in the green courtyard, engage in sports, explore e-mobility, unwind in the park, host events, savor a meal, and chat over coffee... With new rooftop terraces, benches in the courtyard, shops along the new street, and a central service desk, we are redefining the concept of 'New Work'.

New Community

The spacious courtyard and new walkways offer transparency and openness to fostering the development of a diverse community. The building's modular design is intended to attract tenants from various sectors, creating a whole new level of networking and exchange.


The Konsumzentrale is easily accessible from the Leipzig city centre. Come and explore what the area has to offer.


The Konsumzentrale was founded by intrepid pioneers to tackle the challenges of workspaces in their time. Explore how the Konsumzentrale is currently undergoing a transformation into the workspace of the future.

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