• Discover the six unique buildings at the headquarters and find out which one is the best fit for you and your company.
  • Find out about the future services offered by the Konsumzentrale so you can already see what you and your team can expect.
  • Get to know the community of tenants at the Konsumzentrale or find the perfect workspace for your company.

The Konsumzentrale is a dynamic place, ready to expand to meet our needs.

We are designing the today of tomorrow.
As pioneers of the future, we are rethinking our workspace.

New Space

Konsumzentrale will be transformed into a new world of work over the next few years. MIB property management will modernise and revitalise this significant monument and add a new building to create over 20,000 sqm of new commercial space with amazing architecture. Join us and expand your business!

New Vision

Meet outside in the grass courtyard, play some sports, share electromobility, relax in the park, organise events, enjoy a meal, chat over a coffee … With new roof terraces, benches in the courtyard, shops lining the new street and a central service desk, we will be reinventing "New Work".

New Community

The spacious courtyard and new walkways offer transparency and openness to foster the development of a diverse community. The building's modular character is designed to attract tenants from various sectors. A whole new level of networking and exchange.


The Konsumzentrale is easily accessible from the Leipzig city centre. Come and see what the local area has to offer.


The Konsumzentrale was created by intrepid pioneers to meet the challenges for the workspaces of yesterday. Discover how the Konsumzentrale is now being transformed into the workspace of tomorrow.