Central Desk

Every morning, Caspar walks by the central desk to check if his colleagues from the new e-commerce company have arrived. If he's fortunate, he might even run into Evelyn.

We Work Together.
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Co-working Space

Qadira and Niko are developing their business idea. Before establishing their company, they have secured a co-working space.

We Work Together.
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E-mobility in the Courtyard

Karl and Luise enjoy a friendly bet on who will reach their meeting first – Karl in his shared car or Luise on a nextBike. Meanwhile, Mike parks his car at the bidirectional charging station.

We Rent And We Share.
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Space to Grow

Tina's favorite opening line during her keynote speeches at summits and hackathons is, 'Apple was also founded in a garage.' Fortunately, she had rented ample space across several buildings before her company really took off.

We Grow With Our Projects.
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Sports and Leisure

Foosball on the roof terrace, hitting the gym, or engaging in table tennis in the courtyard – Adjina and Mounir find that their best ideas emerge when their work feels more like play.

We Enjoy Life.
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Catering Concepts

Silvia's team and her customers need little persuasion; just a stroll across the courtyard, and they can enjoy a business lunch at 'Kollab.' With exceptional coffee and a diverse menu featuring dishes ranging from traditional to vegan, it's the perfect spot.

We Exchange Ideas.
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Events Venue With a View

Mark is organising the next team event in the stylish ship's bow located above the Neue Kontor Offices. They will have the opportunity to raise a toast to their successful year on the rooftop terrace, enjoying a scenic view of the park and the Karl-Heine-Kanal.

We Network.
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