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Pictures of the buildings

History of the Konsumzentrale:

Where historical foundations for a new world of work were first laid in Konsumzentrale

They shaped yesterday's tomorrow.

Courageous men and women founded the Leipzig Konsumverein in 1884 in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. They hoped to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible by working together to provide cheaper products.

To turn their visionary ideas into reality, they created aesthetically functional and futuristic modern workplaces that met the complex demands of the time.

Impressive Architecture

There are few buildings in Leipzig that can match the charisma of the Konsumzentrale. This streamlined architectural monument in the west of Leipzig was designed by the Hamburg architect Fritz Höger, who is also famous for the Elbe city's Chilehaus.

The imposing building complex at the Konsumzentrale is reminiscent of a huge ocean liner: strict lines, arched windows and a flat roof resembling a ship's bridge. The stairways also have a maritime character thanks to the green tiles and a handrail designed to look like a ship's railing.

Development Concept

MIB Konsumzentrale Leipzig GmbH has taken out a lease on the site of the Konsumzentrale. The monument will undergo a gentle transition into the new world of work over the next few years. The development and revitalisation of the entire Konsumzentrale complex will breathe new life into the site and improve the quality and length of stay for tenants and visitors alike, as well as raising its profile. The commercial structure of the floors above ground will be maintained in all six parts of the building, unused rental space will be reactivated and current storage spaces transferred to the lower floors.

As part of the new overall concept, what is currently the inner courtyard will become the seventh part of the building and be converted into a relaxation room. New parking areas will be allocated when the design plans for the courtyard are drawn up. In addition to outdoor furniture such as benches, bicycle stands and lanterns, the plans also include trees and plants. Development on the south side along the road “An der Konsumzentrale” is expected to take the form of a distinctive entrance or passage serving as a gateway to the inside of the complex. It may also be possible to redesign or newly design the present entrances for pedestrians and cars as distinctive gateways into the complex on the other side from the Industriestrasse.

Project Timescale

August 2020

2nd floor rental offices, new head offices and multistorey warehousing

Estimated August 2020

Construction begins in the old warehouse

Starting autumn 2021

Rebuilding the new head offices

Second quarter 2022

Central services and co-working can be activated

Estimated in 2026

Overall Completion

Key historical dates


MIB Konsumzentrale Leipzig GmbH takes out a lease on the site of the Konsumzentrale. The monument will undergo a gentle transition into the new world of work over the next few years.


As part of the EXPO project: “Plagwitz on route to the 21st century”, first steps are taken to invest 2 million Deutschmark in the refurbishment of the Konsumzentrale. This results in 30,000 square metres of attractive office and commercial space. The two lovingly restored ballrooms, which can be booked for conferences and seminars, are a particular highlight.


The Konsumzentrale survives the Second World War with very little damage and the Konsum cooperative continues to use it as their main building throughout the era of the German Democratic Republic.


After several extensions, the complex is finally completed. However, the warehouse was never completed. Construction costs reached a total of 4.1 million Reichsmark.


Building work begins in the spring of 1930. Progress is fast and the 110-metre long impressive steel construction with its red brick facade soon grows ever higher. On 28th July, just six months later, the inauguration ceremony takes place.


The well-known Hamburg architect Fritz Höger beats four competitors to win a contract to plan and build the new main offices.


Profits at the Konsum Leipzig eG are high. New stores are opened everywhere and demand for warehousing, office and workshop space increases. Konsum's board of directors at the time decide to build a new headquarters in the Jahnstrasse (now called the Industriestrasse).