Das Neue Kontor


Das Neue Kontor

This is the original administrative building of the consumer cooperative headquarters showcasing historic boardrooms. Highlights include its historic structure, its pillar construction, which offers a high degree of flexibility, and its grand staircase. Here, maritime style elements can be found that are reminiscent of an ocean liner.

  • Reception: NineFiveCentral on the ground floor
  • Conference rooms & venue on the 4th floor
  • Co-working spaces
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Exceptional architecture from 1929

This is the section of the property that most people associate with the 'Konsumzentrale.' Designed like a ship's bow, sailing along the former railway line to the Plagwitz station, the building captivates its admirers with its details. This is where you enter, and you've arrived. On the top floor, you welcome your guests with a spectacular view.

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Andrea Bulla

Commercial Project Management

MIB Projektentwicklung GmbH

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Coworking in the "Neuen Kontor"

At the Neuen Kontor, we offer workspaces and conference rooms, along with a spectacular events venue featuring a rooftop terrace. All information can be found here or on-site NineFiveCentral, the concierge at Industriestrasse 95.

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