Das Depot

Das Depot

The Depot is the former multi-storey warehouse and still impresses with its industrial flair today. It was used to store bulk goods and housed items such as bag chutes, chutes, funnels, and goods lifts. The building's depth and structural framework allow for flexibility in redesign and repurposing.

  • Opening the entire south façade
  • Spacious areas for office and production facilities
  • Diverse uses along the ramp in the courtyard
  • Direct access from the adjacent road
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Handel, Gewerbe, Produktion im Depot

The revitalised multi-storey warehouse offers perfect space for retail or production, which can be developed over several floors and may include offices or administrative areas. The shops, with their double doors, can be accessed directly from the new street 'An der Konsumzentrale.' Just imagine how lively the street will be.

From the north in the courtyard to the south towards the street, the depth is 21 meters, and the width is – still – up to you. The spaces are equipped with columns in a 5-meter grid and can be flexibly utilised. High load capacities and access via cargo elevators allow for scaling up to 5 floors.

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