Souterrain im Alten Lager

Drohnenansicht Altes Lager von außen

Galerie Altes Lager

Drohnenansicht Altes Lager von außen

Das Alte Lager

The Alte Lager (Old Warehouse), once a storage facility, developed into an administrative building. The MIB renovation began with this section of the property in February 2022. Its lightweight support structure offers a high degree of flexibility. Konsum Leipzig eG now calls this home, occupying three floors of the building. Only the bright basement, an exceptional space, is still waiting to be snatched up.

  • Revitalisation of basement and 3rd floor - preservation 
  • Additional ribbon windows on the courtyard side
  • Construction of a rooftop terrace
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A centerpiece is still available – the basement

In the brick-clad Alte Lager, the basement is still waiting to be brought to life. Positioned to the east, at the end of the green courtyard, it boasts a bright and light-filled ambiance. Views with impressive window fronts extend towards both the courtyard and outward, facing the eastern footpath between Industriestraße and the new access road 'An der Konsumzentrale'.

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Commercial project management

MIB Projektentwicklung GmbH

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Das Alte Lager

Images reflecting the status as of late 2023.
Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2024.

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