Galerie der Neubau

Der Neubau

The smart, bright new building on the former single-story warehouse now gives the new Konsumzentrale its own identity. Contemporary architecture meets historical elements. With the photovoltaic system on the roof, the new Konsumzentrale is supplied with green and economical energy.

  • Still available: Gastronomy on the ground floor
  • Spacious storage areas in the basement
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Der Neubau

Five new storeys rise above the existing building on the ground floor. The façade plays with the elements of the existing buildings and reinterprets them in a new way. With a ceiling height of 3.30 metres, offices can be designed in a scalable manner here, offering magnificent views of Plagwitz. The pathway to the new street "An der Konsumzentrale" runs beneath the new building. The catering facilities are planned here.

For gastronomy

In the Neubau: Roughly 1,200  workers in the Konsumzentrale alone will enjoy your coffee in the morning, look forward to lunch, and meet their business partners for cake at your place. The western suburbs of Leipzig have a demand for quality catering services, and, of course, you will also cater for events.

Green energy concept

The solar system on the roof of the new building is a part of the green energy concept of the new Konsumzentrale. The electricity produced in-house is 100% green, and contributes to reduced operating costs.

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