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From morning coffee to lunches and afternoon cake, all the way to event catering and possibly even dinner dining - we are still seeking for committed restaurateurs who will bring a touch of culinary excellence to the west of Leipzig.

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In the Neubau building, the ground floor will offer an area of 360 m² to linger and enjoy. The exterior of the restaurant stretches from the courtyard through the passageway to the street 'An der Konsumzentrale' to the south. Inside, a charming mix of existing and new elements; outside, there is outdoor seating in the sun, under trees, or sheltered from the rain in the passageway – a spot where around 1,200 employees from the Konsumzentrale alone like to pass by. Whether for breakfast and morning coffee, lunch, or afternoon cake, this is the place. Catering or the office fruit basket could all come from here.

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Andrea Bulla
Commercial project management
MIB Projektentwicklung GmbH
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Plagwitz, close to the center of Leipzig, officially belongs to the southwest of Leipzig. The lively, bustling district has long lost its status as a hidden gem. Residents and the immediate business surroundings (training center, BIG, office buildings) enjoy looking for a place for a bite to eat at lunchtime.

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