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Konsum administration:

These Are the Administrative Offices for Konsum Leipzig

Contact Konsum Leipzig eG

If you have any questions about a Konsum store, please contact:

Konsum Leipzig eG (eingetragene Genossenschaft)
Industriestraße 95, 04229 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0) 341 4984-0
e-mail: konsum_at_konsum-leipzig.de

The "New Work" project in the new Konsumzentrale will be managed by MIB AG.

MIB took out a lease on the Konsum Leipzig eG site in July 2018.

Over the next few years the Konsumzentrale will be completely refurbished, modernised and extended.

The site will become much more lively as a result of this development. This will raise the profile of the Konsumzentrale significantly and greatly improve the quality of working life here. The courtyard can be enlivened by adding a coffe shop or other catering services.

We will soon be presenting our development plans and ideas.

MIB Management

Konsumzentrale Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG
Weißenfelser Straße 65 G
04229 Leipzig
Phone: 0341 486 68 0
Fax: 0341 486 68 30
e-mail: konsumzentrale_at_mib.de
website: www.mib.de


The Konsumzentrale was created by intrepid pioneers to meet the challenges for the workspaces of yesterday. Discover how the Konsumzentrale will be transformed today into the workspace of tomorrow.